A year ago, I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a move. I was content in my home. After giving it a lot of consideration, I hesitantly made the decision to purchase a share into Vintage Cooperative of Ames. I moved into the co-op three months ago and it didn’t take long for me to realize I had made the right decision. Now, during this pandemic time, I am even more thankful that I am in a co-op community. We have a great group of people, who have become not only my neighbors, but also my friends. Even though we are sheltering in place, I do not feel the least bit isolated. I feel comforted knowing my neighbors are close by and we are all here for each other.



Although we have never experienced a pandemic in our lifetimes, we feel safe & secure living in our cooperative community, which is something you can’t put a price tag on. We enjoy having friends & neighbors who have lived in the same times as us and have similar interests. We moved here from a rural area and have found it a blessing to live in an area close to many conveniences. We can easily order groceries, prescriptions, etc. that can be picked up or delivered, as we continue to stay at home during this time.



Living in a cooperative community has surpassed our expectations, especially at this unprecedented time. There is an extra level of comfort, knowing that we are going through this together. Should anyone in our community need anything, another co-op member is happy to help - after all, we’re like family. While we are respecting the protections in place for COVID-19, we have found a way to enjoy each other’s company with daily balcony visits. We also share encouragement by lighting our patios at 8:00 each night to stand together with the theme ‘HOPE LIGHTS OUR PATH'.