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Technology Making Life Easier for Seniors

Shona Schmall - Friday, April 14, 2017

Nowadays, it seems like there is a new piece of technology announced every day. Everyone carries around devices reminiscent of something we would have seen on The Jetsons. In all of this technology mania, the new gadgets really do make our lives easier. Specifically for seniors, there are a few devices that have the potential to make your life easier and better. Here are four pieces of technology and why they could be just what you are needing!

If you have been anywhere near a young adult in the past few years, you have definitely seen a smartphone. Essentially, smartphones are phones that have the capabilities of a computer. Many smartphones, like Apple’s iPhone, are generally easy to setup and use. Granted, there is a learning curve for everyone starting out using a smartphone, even the most tech-savvy! But once you learn the basics, a smartphone can help you connect with friends and family really anywhere you are rather than only at your computer. Some of the most basic features are video messaging, email, and Facebook, as well as the millions of various applications you can find to improve your life!

Speaking of video messaging, another great piece of technology is Telikin. Telikin is an easy to use computer that allows you to call, chat, and connect with family members. Called “quite possibly the world’s easiest computer,” Telikin takes away the complicated navigation of most computers. Instead, it is a simple touch screen that is incredibly easy to follow! If you want to connect with friends and family without the hassle of a confusing computer database, Telikin could be what you need: http://www.telikin.com

One piece of technology that helps with a healthy lifestyle is Fitbit. Fitbit is simply a bracelet you wear that digitally tracks numerous areas of your health. It can track your heart rate, measure how much you are sleeping, and give you insights into any exercises you are doing. It is often presented as a product for young adults, but Fitbit can provide insights for seniors that could drastically improve their health! If you are looking to learn more about your health in a simple way, check out Fitbit: https://www.fitbit.com/home

Those are only a few examples of technology that could help seniors. If there is a specific area you wish technology could assist in, chances are it can! A simple online search could be the only thing between you and the technology that revolutionizes your lifestyle. Embrace the positives of technology, and you could see improvements you didn’t think possible!


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