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De-stressing When Retired

Shona Schmall - Friday, April 14, 2017

When considering retirement, most individuals look forward to total “me” time. Time to enjoy the activities you’ve longed to do instead of the duties you had to do. When retirement hits, those expectations are often met for a short while, but eventually even retirement can become stressful. It could be volunteering, family duties, or social obligations. Whatever it is, retirement can still end up being busy and stressful. When that time comes, follow these three pieces of advice to de-stress.

The first strategy to relieve stress is to exercise. Exercise simply improves your physical health and your brain health. This will help you be more relaxed, making you feel less stress despite your circumstances. Additionally, exercise helps you step back from the busyness of life and take some time--even if it’s only a half hour--to take a breath and get some fresh air. All of those combined benefits make exercise an incredible first step for de-stressing.

The second tip is unplugging from technology for a short time every day. Technology has been incredible in the way that it connects individuals in-the-moment no matter where they are. But that can become stressful when you are being notified by every online service every minute of every day. Turning off your phone for a short time will remove that burden and allow you to relax. Consider taking a phone-free lunch break every day. It can be tough at first, but allowing yourself to unplug will definitely decrease the amount of stress you are feeling.

The last piece of advice is to surround yourself with positivity. Smiling and laughter have both been shown to improve happiness. Do what you have to do to smile and laugh consistently. Find the people, restaurants, or television shows that make you laugh and hang around them! You may not even notice it consciously, but you will be happier and more relaxed quickly.

Retirement is meant to be relaxing and fun. If you are finding yourself stressed, follow these three pieces of advice and find the happiness you deserve!

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