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Shona Schmall - Monday, February 20, 2017

You most likely know that community is a vital aspect to a healthy lifestyle. It is an important factor that goes into designing neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and even residence halls on college campuses. It’s no mystery that community with other people is crucial when considering a living location, and at Vintage Cooperatives, community is a huge factor in the way that we organize the co-op lifestyle. It is rarely a challenge to lack community with all the activities there are, the people around you, and even the cities you are in.


One of the main ways that we promote community living at Vintage Cooperatives is through organizing activities nearly every day that our residents can be a part of. Some of the activities include potlucks, bible studies, coffee socials, and golf. Even when the organized activities are over, there is still plenty to do on-site thanks to our exercise rooms, walking trails, social rooms, library, and more. Sharon T., one of our members, described Vintage Cooperatives as “social and outgoing, with things to do and places to go.”


What would a community be without stellar people? The people living in Vintage Cooperatives are friendly and sociable because they want to foster great community just like you do. With the close proximity that a cooperative living space brings to all its residents, it is easy to find people to share great experiences with, whether that is just talking over some coffee or getting active outdoors. Being located in Iowa, many residents are used to a small town community, and that is exactly the feeling our communities create at Vintage Cooperatives. Our member Ila C. said, “it’s like I have two families.” While living in such a cooperative place with great people, you barely have to try to grow great relationships with those around you.


The cities we are established in also add to the great community living of Vintage Cooperatives. We have locations in the greater Des Moines area and Iowa City area. Whether you want to go to an art exhibit, cheer on one of Iowa’s sports teams, or have a relaxing night downtown, both cities offer plenty of activities to fit your needs. Our member Jean S. said it best, “if there’s something you want to do, find one of your friends here in the co-op that wants to do it too; you go ahead and take off.” (And with heated underground parking, the cold is rarely an excuse to stay home.)

There are few places that hold such a great community lifestyle as Vintage Cooperatives. If you want to learn more about what our co-op could look like for you, contact us or come to one of the informational meetings near you.

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